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From Our Blog

The Traditional Village of Agua Fria

Welcome to the traditional village of Agua Fria, a community rooted, by history and values, to the resource –“Cool Water”– from which it takes its name. Archaeological digs show that this land was inhabited as far back as 3,000 B.C. The village itself considers its founding date to be 1640, the date of the first recorded […]

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How Do You Spell South Capitol?

How do you spell South Capitol? Or is it South Capital? South Cap is one of Santa Fe’s most beloved downtown neighborhoods. Look on the web and you’ll find the name spelled both ways. So which is it: capitAl or capitOl? Although their spellings are almost the same, the two words refer to two different things: one, a […]

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The Art of Women’s Clothing

“Well-curated; a breath of fresh air; a unique shop with a marvelous aesthetic.” Head to La Bohème’s Facebook Wall and you’ll see love notes from past shoppers whose words suggest they are both clothes-savvy and worldly. Indeed, La Bohème is a women’s clothing store for those in-the-know: about fabrics, history, cultures and style. More than […]

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Dining Santa Fe: Canyon Road

At this writing, there are six restaurants on Canyon Road. Beginning at the base of Canyon are Café des Artistes and Caffe Greco –both offering patio and indoor seating. Each has its fans with Café des Artistes lauded for its savory sandwiches and owner hospitality and Caffe Greco attracting raves for its Salsa and Green […]

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