The WSJ’s Take on Santa Fe & Taos

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by Alexandra Eldridge
I Long –Alexandra Eldridge

The WSJ’s Take on Santa Fe & Taos? Reading an outsider’s assessment of a city I know well sets me a tad on the defensive, especially when that outsider hails from a large, sophisticated city. Will she judge Santa Fe against the standards of a major urban center? Or will she burrow for context, measuring Santa Fe against itself and its aspirations? In Take Monday Off: Santa Fe & Taos, author Kate Bolick doesn’t aim to be arch or dismissive. Indeed, Bolick pegs that pheromone cocktail of wide-open vistas, maverick charm, and the promise of personal renewal that lure many a newcomer to the City Different.

Bolick’s eclectic roster of picks range from the pricey but sense-dazzling Inn of the Five Graces to the down-home NM diner, The Pantry. I favor Andiamo over La Boca and haul more out-of-towner’s to The Museum of International Folk Art than to The Georgia O’Keeffee Museum, but that’s just a matter of taste– or a mark of the mavericky, freedom-and-renewal-seeking independence that got me here in the first place.

Read the WSJ’s Take on Santa Fe and Taos and then tell me yours. Given one, tight, longish weekend in Santa Fe, where would you go?  What is your must-do cultural experience?  Your must eat food?  Which do you favor: Canyon Road and The Plaza, The Railyard or the Meow Wolf-anchored Midtown nexus of art, eats and brews? Red, Green or Christmas. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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