Santa Fe Neighborhood Quick Sketch: Barrio La Canada

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Location, community, possibility–that’s my REALTOR’S gut take on Barrio La Canada: a neighborhood I can’t claim to know, but plan to discover. I sense that Barrio la Canada is a good, longterm bet for a home purchase in greater downtown Santa Fe, and here’s why:  It’s quiet, but not without activity.  Its park, The John F. Griego Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial Park, gets good use from kids and picnickers.

I’ve heard residents describe Barrio La Canada as a typical Santa Fe melting pot: young, old, newcomers, longtimers, families, couples and singles  with a range of personal interests and professions.   Many homes are in original condition–an open opportunity to create equity with some sweat, savvy and cash–and some gentrified, for those who don’t have skills or stomach for remodeling. There are also a few pockets of new construction.

The Santa Fe River, which forms the neighborhood’s northern boundary, gives the community charm and definition.  Homes on the north side of Paseo de la Conquistadora benefit most from the physical buffer to nearby Alameda, the beauty of the riverbed and, when the river is running, the lyrical sound of flowing water.

*~*~*~ BARRIO LA CANADA UPDATE, JULY 22, 2010 *~*~*

Click the link to get details on the renovation to Barrio la Canada’s entrance.

For up-to-date information on Barrio La Canada’s real estate market, go to: Santa Fe Real Estate Downtown.

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