This Week on Santa Fe’s Creative Scene, October 1, 2010

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The aspens are changing, the days’ temps swinging in wide arcs from cool to hot.  And the light, the fabulous Santa Fe light, is in its soft, pellucid glory. I love Fall.  It may be the twilight of the year’s cycle, but it feels like a Spring of possibilities.

Is it my perennial optimism or is there a new vigor on the emerging/indie arts scene? Answer the question by checking out some of the offerings around town this weekend.


Tonight, Friday October 1st, between 6-8 PM, head over to Backroad Pizza South for Mark Frossard‘s “casual, unofficial pizza party [art] opening.” Have a little pizza and beer with the easy-going, yet sharply attuned artist who shares his insightful observations of human nature in brightly colored southwestern tableau. Backroad Pizza South is located on Highway 14, just past Santa Fe Brewing Co. on Bisbee Court.

Also on Friday, from 5-7:30 at At MOV-IN Gallery on the campus of the Santa Fe University of Art and Design (SFUAD), see the video/sound installation Jacqui Kuraj – “IN THE YEAR OF BLAME” – THE BODY AS SACRIFICIAL LANDSCAPE. Read an interview with Kuraj on the End of Being website

Classical/Spanish musician Mike Tait Tafoya writes, “my good friend Tommy Vigil is having an art show tonight at Counter Culture (on Baca St.) from 6-9pm. Acrylic Paintings and photos Dia de los Muertos style! If you like skulls and stuff like that, you’ll really dig his art!”


On Saturday, October 2, Axle Contemporary will park its Van Gallery at Española’s 9th Annual Spañapalooza, a concert and skating competition held in Valdez Park.

Saturday night, let a lineup of musical masters stretch your auditory dimensions at the Second Installment in the Fall Series at High Mayhem Emerging Arts Studio


On Sunday, October 3rd, at 8 PM,  head downtown to Corazon, 401 S. Guadalupe St, and shake the kinks out of your week to the tunes of Ty Segall and Ghost Circles, presented by The Process. Spin Magazine says, “Warped sonics do nothing to diminish the impact of his vigorously nostalgic riff and stomp. Segall thunders along with the timeless, impudently rowdy energy of a cement basement dance-off.”

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